Green Tea Extract – A Change Towards Good Health

The benefits of Green Tea have been touted all round and health conscious individuals are convinced we should be drinking it more often. But for many of us it is still foreign to our culture and lifestyle. Brewing a cup is just not convenient enough. So now, we can get our cup of health the great American way! We have- Green Tea ice cream, cookies, soda, angel food cake, and chocolate-covered cherries! If that’s not a good enough option, then consider this. It’s Only a Matter of Change-a Decision towards Good HealthDrink less soft drinks and sweetened beverages. Think twice about what you put into your body. The next time you reach for one of these drinks, go for the powerful antioxidant-rich drink instead! If you don’t like the taste, Green Tea extracts provide the same health benefits as brewing tea. It’s more convenient and you can use it in numerous ways. It’s a healthy choice and the decision is yours to make! Be Truly ConvincedYou don’t need to be a health addict to realize that drinking it truly is beneficial to your health.The Cup of Tranquility: A cup of freshly brewed Green Tea can be very relaxing. It has phytochemicals that can soothe your mind and drinking a cup can bring a sense of tranquility and wellbeing. Sip slowly and you will feel the calmness creeping in to your inner being!Skin Rejuvenation: It directly applied to the face will rejuvenate your skin. Research suggests that the polyphenolic compounds present in it have powerful antioxidant properties that have an anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic effect on the skin.Clinical trials on human studies also suggest that green tea polyphenols are photoprotective. They exhibit properties that may nutritionally help to prevent solar UVB light-induced skin disorders including photoaging, melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers. Thus it is found in a number of dermatological products and used in the treatment of many skin disorders.Weight Loss: It has been used in several weight loss therapies. It has thermogenic properties. The powerful epigallocatechins gallate (EPGC) combined with caffeine present increases the body’s metabolism. The result? Fat oxidation or “fat burning”! In simple terms: drinking it can provide your body with nutritional support to help you burn fat quicker.Green Tea and Type II Diabetes: Epidemiologically, it has been suggested that its consumption might help to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Drinking at least 6 cups a day is said to assist your body in keeping insulin levels stable.Laboratory studies reveal that epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) may not only supply your body with the nutrition that might help to prevent type 2 diabetes but they also work on the genetic level. They are believed to reduce the number of messenger RNAs that direct liver cells to produce the enzymes involved to create glucose.Green Tea and Cholesterol: Population studies indicate that catehchin might improve the ratio between HDL and LDL which can lowers total cholesterol. It has been shown to reduce plasma cholesterol levels and the rate of cholesterol absorption. It is said to do this by helping your body block the intestinal absorption of cholesterol by 74% and aiding its excretion from the body.Change to Green Tea Are you convinced enough to change to a healthier habit? If you’re worried about brewing cups and cups of tea every day, you don’t have to. There are more convenient options. The extract is a highly concentrated form. Just a few drops will give you the antioxidant power found in 6 cups. GreenTea Plus can be added to your favorite drink, or in just plain water. You can even use it in cake recipes, put a few drops in Jello and make interesting varieties of your favorite dishes!

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