Israeli Researchers Say Smoking Is A Habit Not An Addiction – Why I Disagree

Israeli researchers have carried out a simple research monitoring cravings of smokers and have concluded quite correctly in my opinion that the hold nicotine has on people is psychological and not physical as in the sense of a heroin addiction.However, the researchers have gone further and said that just because the need for smoking is psychological, then smoking is not an addiction. I disagree and would challenge this view of addiction.There are many different addictions that grip the user and hold them hostage. Some involve no substance abuse at all. One example that comes to mind is co-dependency. This is when a person is attracted to destructive relationships. Amongst those are relationships with a physically abusive partner, a partner who continually cheats and is disrespectful, a partner who harms the children of their lover, and various other permutations. It is hard to call such a destructive way of life just a habit. I agree with practitioners who call such destructive behaviour an addiction.An addiction may well be physical. However what all addictions have in common is the psychological addiction. This even applies to heroin. For example, it was noticed that soldiers returning from Vietnam who had become addicted to heroin whilst in combat had a relatively good ability to stop becoming addicts afterwards, compared to the average civilian heroin addict. One may well say that the combat situation was temporary, whereas what normally attracts a user to heroin is pre-existing emotional reasons. And we all read about stars who go to rehab, are clean for years, and then suddenly get re-addicted.In other words, it is important for us to recognize that despite any physiological effects of a drug, it is the emotional part that really makes the addiction. Pretending that the compelling emotional pull of a destructive behaviour is just a habit is belittling the real reasons behind a serious addiction and belittling the real misery and ill-health suffered by countless addicts worldwide as a result.In terms of energy psychology, an addictive craving is the result of an anxiety caused by a disruption of the subtle energy system of the mind-body. When we release this energy disruption, this anxiety is released and the cravings disappear. EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a great way to release this energy disruption gently and effectively. It can be self-applied or the smoker can dive right in and work with an experienced practitioner.

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